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GPS Devices

Person, Vehicle, Satellite enabled

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GPS Devices

Person, Vehicle, Satellite enabled

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GPS Devices

Person, Vehicle, Satellite enabled

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GPS for Business

Companies strive to make the most out of the resources they have and with the help of Motus Tracking Solutions you can do even more. Monitor your fleet, maintain situational awareness and keep your team safe all from the comfort of your desk.

Receive Live Traffic Updates

Create Routes for Drivers

Remote Start, Locks, Kill Switch

Google map searches directly from the web portal

Fuel Card Integration

And Much More……..



GPS Tracking for Landscaping

Knowing where your equipment and employees are is no longer a luxury. Running a more efficient company is now easier with Motus GPS tracking, giving you the ability to manage larger crews and reduce cost. You work hard for your clients, now let us work hard for you.



Tow Truck Tracking

Providing timely customer service in the towing industry helps keep you on top of the competition. Now with every call that comes in you know exactly where your fleet is and how to best dispatch your resources. Vehicle GPS tracking by Motus makes sure that you are always operating at your very best because when you are, then we are.


Pest Control Fleet Management

Whether you have just a couple trucks or dozens of trucks on the road you strive to manage with efficiency. Let Motus help you take it to the next level with live vehicle tracking. Know where your trucks are and what they are doing at that exact moment and create the efficient fleet you always strive for.



Energy Companies

An electrical outage didn’t ask you for permission to happen but that doesn’t keep you from responding immediately. Keep track of your fleet as they take care of the community and monitor there safety. Let us take care of your fleet while you take care of business.


Waste & Recycling Fleet Tracking

Your company is responsible for picking up every recycling bin or trash container in a certain neighborhood. Your contract with the city depends upon timeliness and consistent pick ups every day. With Motus Tracking Solutions you now have the ability to not only track your fleets movements but to know where they’ve stopped and if they completed their task. Say goodbye to the days of wondering if a task was done and sleep better with Motus.


GPS Tracking & Public Safety

When lives are on the line you can be assured that Motus has your back. With 10, 5 and even 1 second updates you’ll know exactly where your public servants are and who is closest to the scene. Make on the spot decisions easier with the trust and reliability with a system that was founded in the public safety arena.


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Track your entire fleet and collection of GPS devices through one suite of software on your phone and desktop.


See vehicle routes on your phone. Track multiple devices at once.


View weather conditions in your fleet’s area. Coordinating around storms has never been easier.



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Add Motus to your iPhone / iPad home screen:

1. Open Safari
2. Go to Motustrack.com
3. Hit the menu button ( Box with Arrow pointing Up Icon )
4. Scroll through options and select “Add To Homescreen”
5. Hit Add ( Change name if you’d like )


Add Motus to your Android home screen:

1. Open your web browser
2. Go to Motustrack.com
3. Hit the menu button ( with 3 dots in the top right corner )
4. Select “Add To Homescreen”
5. Hit Add ( Change name if you’d like )