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“We were running behind today and were nowhere near moving towards the door when I got the alert text that the bus was nearby.  I gave the bus app text a specific ding and so I knew it meant we had to move – NOW! We rushed out the door and didn’t miss the bus.  The app was TOTALLY worth it today!”


“MotusTrack support is amazing and has worked with me to get the alert to sound at just the right time needed for a semi-rural route!”



With today’s technology you can locate an Uber driver, a pizza delivery driver….why not locate your child?

Keeping your child safe is at the top of your priorities. With heavier workloads than ever, the average parents often find themselves rushing to get their children out the door for school every morning. Compound that with unfavorable weather conditions or having to leave the house before the bus arrives and you have a recipe for anxiety. You don’t want your child to be late, but neither do you want them to arrive at the bus stop too far in advance.


Motus Tracking Solutions solves your problems with a personal school bus tracking map on your phone that tells you when your bus will arrive. If you don’t have time to constantly check your phone that’s okay too. Our system sends you a text message when the bus is near your home, giving you the alert needed to successfully get your children to the bus stop on time.


Here at Motus we strive to deliver on our promise of “Tracking what matters most to you”.

For the schools…

  • Locate your bus
  • Create efficient, money saving routes
  • Monitor the surrounding weather
  • Access multiple reports designed just for you
  • See vehicle location on Google Maps
  • Stop-arm notifications

For the parents…

  • Know bus arrival times
  • Phone alerts tell you know when the bus is about to arrive
  • Track your school bus all the way to the school
  • No need to contact the school for bus updates
  • More parents watching over the bus means a safer school system

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See school bus routes on your phone or desktop.


Know where the bus is and the weather around it


Get notifications on your phone when the bus is near

Motus Saves Schools and Parents Time

Motus Tracking Solutions is a company that keeps its customers’ needs at the forefront of our mission. With the help of Motus, schools are now able to prevent problems before they start. Large amounts of phone calls from parents concerning school bus location, bus routing efficiency, driver management issues and severe weather notifications are now a thing of the past… freeing up valuable staff time.

How It Works for Schools

o Each bus has a GPS/cellular unit installed and activated.

o Satellites transmit the bus’s exact location and the device transmits this information over the cellular network to our servers

o The school administration gains access to our servers through a secure web portal.

o The web portal provides options for administrators to manage their fleets.

How It Works for Parents

o Parents are notified about the program by their school and given a unique ID for their child. Parents can also contact the school directly for their ID.

o Parents log onto the Motus website (or follow the link on their school’s website) and select login.

o After inputting their unique ID they will gain access to the web portal map showing their child’s bus location. The unique ID helps to ensures that an individual will only see the bus they are authorized to see.

o Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other web enabled devices.

Want to see where the bus is while you’re on the go?

Want to be alerted when the bus is near you home?

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Add Motus to your iPhone / iPad home screen:

1. Open Safari
2. Go to Motustrack.com
3. Hit the menu button ( Box with Arrow pointing Up Icon )
4. Scroll through options and select “Add To Homescreen”
5. Hit Add ( Change name if you’d like )


Add Motus to your Android home screen:

1. Open your web browser
2. Go to Motustrack.com
3. Hit the menu button ( with 3 dots in the top right corner )
4. Select “Add To Homescreen”
5. Hit Add ( Change name if you’d like )