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Why should people use GPS tracking?

Companies that operate using a fleet of vehicles to support their customers can see immediate benefits from GPS tracking. With current technology we can put you in the passenger seat of every vehicle you use to produce goods and services. Save money by monitoring driving habits, create more efficient routes, reduce fuel costs and improve every aspect of your fleet productivity. Create the better business you’re striving for by tracking what matters most to you.

Helping Our Fleet Customers…

  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Improve safety
  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Create vehicle fleet reports
  • See vehicle location on Google Maps
  • See how weather could impact your fleet in real time

Helping Our School Customers…

  • Improve safety
  • Monitor traffic and driver behavior
  • Provide parent app capabilities
  • Zoom-in on bus location using Google Maps
  • Real-time weather that could effect bus routes

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