Frequently asked questions

Is the video high resolution?

Yes - There are a wide variety of camera options that provide high resolution video. Most systems are in the range of 1080p (2, 3 and 5 megapixel).

How long will a video be accessible?

Video storage and accessibility will depend on the quality of the video (i.e. 2 megapixels vs. 5 megapixels), method of recording (Continuous Record, Alarm Record, Motion Record or Schedule Record) and the size of the MDVR hard drive. Once a hard drive is full it will begin to rewrite over itself. As a precaution it is always recommended to download events to a seperate platform for long term storage.

Can I view the video in real-time?

Yes - Through our web interface you can access cameras remotely and monitor in real-time. *Live view and live tracking features require wireless components and active Internet connection.

Will the system alert me if I have a camera that is not working?

Yes - Receive text and email alerts immediately if a camera system malfuctions.

How do I access the video after an accident?

You can access video feeds remotely by downloading them from our website. You also have the option to manually pull the DVR from the bus and download a video feed if preferred.

Can the WIFI be available for students to use?

Yes - The MDVR can come equipped with external WIFI that is accessible to students/passengers.

Do I have to install the device myself or can I have help?

We provide professional installation for customers.

Is there a monthly charge for service?

Some services such as GPS tracking, student WIFI, real-time video downloads and live streaming come with a monthly charge. This is due to the need to access the cellular network.