Dude, where's my truck?

Imagine trying to keep track of over 100 service trucks on a daily basis that consist of over 100 drivers and their unique 100 personalities. Oh yes, I can hear the groans now and any fleet manager worth their salt knows exactly what I’m talking about. Now imagine what happens when 1 of those drivers stops at a gas station, leaves the keys in the truck and comes out to find he will now be walking back because the truck…… gone.

Now this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, but it does happen and when it does it’s a huge pain. The first reaction for most fleet managers is going to be anger at the idea that someone had the audacity to steel their truck. The second reaction is frustration of what they know is coming next, endless hours of paperwork, inventory list, insurance claims, police reports and possible additional driver training to keep this from happening again. This is all in addition to the work load the other 99+ trucks that are still on the road are generating. No fun…. No fun at all.

What if this happened instead. Your driver walks out of the gas station and finds that his service truck has been stolen. He quickly calls you, the fleet manager, and reports what has happened. You in turn swivel in your chair and open a web browser on your computer which shows you all your vehicles in the field. You identify the truck that has been stolen traveling along a major interstate heading away from your driver. At the same time, you’ve picked up your own phone and dialed the police who eagerly take your information and converge on the service truck. Within hours the vehicle has been returned to you and the thief has been apprehended.

Although rare, this scenario is not made up and actually happened. By using vehicle GPS tracking technology this company’s vehicles are monitored and maintained remotely by the fleet manager. They have been able to track down several stolen trucks and recover them saving them thousands of dollars. They also continue to use this technology not only for general tracking but for maintenance purposes as well. Repetitive actions such as oil changes, tire rotations, DOD inspections, etc. which can be based upon the vehicle’s mileage are automated to alert the proper people at the right time. When managing a vehicle fleet of significant size, the amount of time and frustration saved by using a reliable GPS tracking service is well worth it.

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