My Wayward Employee

I recently hired an individual to complete a job for me in a different state than where I’m located. The requirements of the job were as follows; be safe, be on time, follow OSHA guidelines, complete the job within a reasonable amount of time and clean up after your done. My new employee assured me that all of this was well within his capabilities and he began the project. As I expected, work began immediately, and my customer was happy……. for a short time.

A few weeks later I received a call asking me where my guys were and if they were going to finish the project any time soon. I was surprised by this information as I had been told by my employee that work was progressing nicely, and they would be completed very soon. It turned out that was not the case and that my “trusted” employee had not been on the jobsite for weeks. When he did decide to show up, he often left a messy and unsafe work environment for anyone that stumbled into the area. Needless to say, I quickly terminated our agreement and found a more reliable employee that could complete the project.

In order to keep this situation from happing again I had to find a way to monitor my employee’s activities even when remote. As I expected, the capabilities of managing a mobile workforce are out there and it now provides us capabilities as if every employee were in the office with me. My employees now can clock in/out, request time off, see their schedules in real-time, leave notes for managers and more. My managers can approve employee requests instantly, modify schedules and even see the exact location where a remote employee clocked in/out for the day.

This technology has helped give me and my workforce a more efficient way of interacting with each other. I’m able to give my crew more liberties than ever before without the risk of losing track of hours, job costs or project management. As we continue to move forward this year, I’m expecting significant savings through better management brought on by this technology. My customer’s have also been happier with our company’s performance and we have seen an increase in repeat business. I would recommend any owner or manager with a workforce to look into this technology.

-Todd G.

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