Frequently asked questions

What exactly does the Motus Work Order Management service do?

Our Work Order Management (WOM) allows companies to do many things. However, it might be best if we use a scenario to discribe it. Company A is a plumbing company with 50 service technicians on the road and 5 dispatchers in the office. A customer calls in for service and the dispatcher records their issue and information into the Motus WOM. The dispatcher can see all of her technicians on a map and what job they are currently working on and for how long. She selects the closest and most suitable technician for the job and click/drags the customer info onto their icon. The technician gets an alert on his phone/tablet telling him of the new job. Once the technician completes this job he closes out the ticket and updates the account.

Will Motus WOM integrate with my billing software

Yes - there are a few acceptions but most billing software allows for integration.

Do my techs get job updates in real-time?

Yes - your technician will receive updates via the app as soon as the dispatcher inputs them.

Is there a calendar function?

Yes - In fact most things within Motus WOM revolve around the calendar function. It will allow you to click and drag techs to the desired location and will populate on their smartphone/tablets as well.