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Motus Tracking Solutions

Empowering Fleet Excellence through Video Telematics, IoT Innovation, and Unparalleled Service.


Solutions Base Approach

Our company integrates best in-class telematics, video, and AI data analytics to provide a modular end-to-end solution that delivers actionable insights, inspires impactful actions, and enables empowered outcomes.


MTS, a Sensata INSIGHTS channel partner, offers a complete portfolio of proprietary supply chain monitoring and management technology to convert IoT data from information to insights — enabling the smartest solutions.


What Makes Us Different

We obtain data through our specialized hardware, taking a thorough approach that covers the entire supply chain. We are dedicated to our valued customers and are fully committed to your success because we believe success is achieved as part of a team.

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Superior Data

We go beyond software.

By creating and using our own hardware, we can provide top-quality data that leads to better insights, smarter decisions, and positive results.

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Complete Solutions

An Integrated Approach.

Our flexible range of solutions allows you to offer a personalized and holistic view of the entire supply chain, opening up more revenue opportunities for your business.

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Customer Connection

We build more than products

Building relationships is at the core of our approach, influencing every aspect of our work, from API design to comprehensive support throughout the entire sales process.


1400 Main St. Suite 161

(502) 515-7062

Clarksville, IN 47129

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