Vehicle Fleet Tracking


Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking

With real-time visibility you will have the comfort of knowing where your drivers are at any time of the day. Reduce costs associated with vehicle maintenance and decrease insurance premiums based upon your safe driving performance.

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Online Fleet Monitoring

  • Monitor the health of your fleet.

  • Coach drivers and reward stellar performers.

  • Reduce fuel cost.

  • Make more informed decisions based upon real-time data.

  • Keep vehicle maintenance current.

Powerful Mobile Access


Get accurate and current information on your fleet. Know when maintenance is due, drivers are speeding and geofences are activated, all within an intuitive smartphone interface.  

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Instant Accountability 

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Maintenance – Keep on top of monthly maintenance by receiving alerts from specific vehicles within your fleet.
Vehicle Search – Find drivers, vehicles, or assets. Identify which worker is the closest to a customer and route them using this powerful search tool.
Alerts – Receive alerts of events through email, text, or web portal. Consistently capture important and time sensitive information.
On-Board Video – Gain better insight into accidents, monitor passengers and students, or use as a teaching aid for drivers. 
Satellite View – Get a close-up view of where your assets are located on maps. Contains up-to-date imagery.
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Fuel Card Tracking – Reduce fuel theft by identifying exact locations of vehicles when fuel cards are swiped.
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Historical Events – View your drivers' routes and driving speed. Use this to compare driver performance and gain valuable insight into accidents.

On-Board Video Solutions

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Video Solutions for your Entire Fleet

Motus Tracking Solutions now provides an award winning in-vehicle camera solution that fits almost any fleet. With incredible storage capacity you can store and monitor driving incidents in real-time. Multiple camera views are available which cover the driver and cab, windshield view, backward view, and multiple views inside the vehicle. Event data can be downloaded automatically and remotely via the cellular network.


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School Bus

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Commercial Fleet

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Fleet Cameras


Multiple Camera Feeds

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Create a Driver Rating Score

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Managed Video Clips

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Verify claims made by students, drivers and the public.

Record Stop-Arm violations.

Stream live video feed in real time while the bus is on the road.

Receive notification when a camera has malfunctioned.

Download recorded video from your office without the need to visit the bus.

Video Solutions for your Bus Fleet

Access bus video remotely over the cellular network,  giving you the ability to download events* even before the driver returns to the depot. Receive alerts when DVR’s fail or when loss of video occurs as soon as it happens. Drivers have access to “panic buttons” to help identify incidents that occur on the bus and easily capture video of stop-arm violations.


*Live view and live tracking features require wireless components and active internet connection.


Choose from a wide variety of cameras.


Provide internet connectivity to students while traveling between home and school.

Receive real-time GPS location data.

Professionally installed and guaranteed. 


Commercial Fleet Camera Solutions

Monitor risky events while creating a safer vehicle fleet. Utilize high resolution cameras to give you real-time insight into driver behavior.

 Windshield Camera – Provide both exterior and interior high resolution camera views.  


Driver Privacy – Audio and cab-facing camera can be deactivated when the vehicle is at 0 MPH but activates once vehicle movement resumes.

Automatic Video Download – When harsh events are detected, video clip is sent to manager for review.

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Artificial Intelligence – Options such as cell phone usage detection, smoking, drowsiness, and automatic lane departure warning.

Wireless Updates – System software remains up to date by utilizing cellular or Wi-Fi access.

Live View – video is continuously recorded and can be monitored live or as part of a download.

Time  Management Solutions

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Time and Attendance, Configurable Dashboard, Reporting, Employee Management, Job Code Management, and Overtime Calculations.

Features Consist of:

  • Advanced Leave

  • Employee Scheduling

  • Job Costing

  • PTO and Leave Management

  • Payroll Exports

  • Shift Differential

  • Substitute Management

  • Time Clock Devices

  • Kiosk Options

Decrease Labor Cost

Notify managers when issues such as overtime and labor costs exceed expectation. Make changes to shift employees and assure adherence to project budgets.

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Ensure compliance with internal policies and legislative rules at the federal, state, and local levels with our workforce management software.

Time Clock Options and Integrations

Multiple options give your company simple solutions tailored to your situation. Keypads allow thermal and biometric input to keep your employees safe while tracking time and labor accurately.

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Work Order Management Platform

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Motus WOM Solution
Create a work flow easily and quickly using the Motus Work Order Management platform. Dispatch work orders to technicians already in the field. Create reoccurring work events that can be monitored and logged for future reference. Know which technician is closest to a service call and dispatch them quickly. 
Technician Access
A full-featured mobile application for field professionals eliminates the need to call the help desk service and also reduces the cost of SMS notifications to zero.
Routes to facilities, writing off labor costs, attaching photos — all this allows you to speed up a ticket`s resolution and to increase control over the quality of it's execution. 


A full-fledged mobile workplace for solving all questions on applications.


All the necessary information about clients, objects, equipment.


Don`t miss a single important step.


For quick registration of applications and write-off of spare parts.

Manage your business analytics

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View cumulative response times across all customer calls. 
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Gain insight into individual technician close rates and average calls per day.
Average resolution times for all customer calls.
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Monitor current and overdue service contracts. 
Identify inefficient areas before they are problems.