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Who We Work With

We work closely with the best manufacturers and brands in the business to guarantee your satisfaction. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to assist. Check out some of our popular brands below.


Nothing But the Best

No one does fleet video telematics better than Sensata INSIGHTS. They are pioneers and industry-leading innovators in video telematics, available to assist their customers through reliable channel partners like MTS. Sensata INSIGHTS helps fleet operators improve driving behaviors, reduce risk, and mitigate claims.

Transforming video into value.

Video adds the “how” and “why” to vehicle telematics’ “what,’ “where” and “when,” providing indisputable evidence of what really happened.

Exonerate, protect, train and change.

Video is an unbiased observer. Whether it pertains to the road, cargo, or the driver's perspective, video telematics offers irrefutable visual evidence that serves to diminish liability and foster improved driving behaviors.

A better picture of what’s actually happening.

By incorporating external elements like weather conditions, traffic patterns, and road conditions, our AI seamlessly integrates these factors to significantly minimize false positives.

Ease of use.

Whether it's accessing video footage, analyzing data, or customizing settings, our product simplifies the process, allowing users to effortlessly harness the power of video telematics to enhance their operations.


Move from commoditization to differentiation.

Our product provides distinct data derived from vehicle monitoring and onboard diagnostics, enabling improved safety, efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Monitor a wide range of vehicle types.

Gather data from a wide range of vehicle types, encompassing passenger vehicles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, as well as both powered and non-powered commercial equipment.

PID integration for additional insights.

Onboard diagnostic parameter IDs (PIDs) add vehicle condition/status to location and driver/operator behavior monitoring.

Integrate with other sensors/devices.

Open API supports additional digital and analog interface for easy integration with other sensors and peripherals. 

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