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This device was developed accordingly to insurance companies and is capable to provide all the information insurance companies need. Special algorithm allows this device to register and provide all the information about driver behavior, speed, CAN-BUS parameters from every second of the trip with only consuming up to 2mb of data traffic per month.

Xirgo has over 14 years of experience with OBDII technology across all major vehicle OEMs and installed over 4.5 million OBD devices in over 12 million vehicles. Dedicated OBD engineers on staff responsible for writing the OBD standard since 1996.

Vehicle trip logger using OBD2 allows devices to interact with your car in a smooth and simple way – you just plug the Xirgo’s OBD2 GPS tracker into your OBD II connector, and the device is ready to go!

Xirgo’s XT2600 is the most versatile and economical telematics device available. The device’s plug-and-play design with an integrated J1962 connector allows for easy installation to any vehicle’s OBD-II port, which substantially reduces the high cost of installation.

This device is the excellent choice for communicating vital vehicle information including: fuel level, odometer reading, seat belt status, engine oil life as well as driver behavior and location via GNSS.

The XT2600 communicates over TCP and supports TLS1.2 and MQTT. The XT2600 uses a highly sensitive GPS engine along with an integrated GNSS antenna and register data second by second and CAN interface support.

Key benefits:

  • EMEA: 4G LTE - CatM1, NB IoT; 2G. North America: 4G LTE - Cat M1 & NBIoT.
  • CAN parameters from the vehicle.
  • Registering data second by second data with low data.
  • 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector.  About driver behavior and accident detection
  • LED status indicators for GNSS lock, Cellular registration, and OBD-II communication.
  • Works with Xirgo’s device manager and XGFleet services.


  • Power

    DC 8-24V


    NA: 4G LTE Cat M1

    EU: 4G LTE Cat M1, NB2, and 2G fallback


    Integrated GPS receiver and antenna


    LED status indicators for GPS lock,

    Cellular registration,

    and OBD-II communication


    Yes, 3-Axis + motion detection

    Integrated auditory-feedback (buzzer)



    58.42mm x 45.72mm x 25.4mm





    Operating temperature

     -30°C to 70°C

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